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The 9 Commandments of Raising the Perfect Dog

  1. I will manage my puppy’s environment until he is at least one-year old. Confinement can be in a crate, tethered indoors, or in a small puppy-proofed space.  A dog’s behavior is simply a reflection of what has been reinforced.  So, if the puppy has been rewarded (i.e. found food) on a counter or in the garbage, that behavior will be repeated.  With adequate confinement puppies never have the opportunity to:
    • Counter surf for food
    • Raid the garbage can
    • Chew the doors, baseboards or furniture
    • Eliminate indoors
    • Chase the cat

    *It is important in building a strong positive relationship with your dog to manage your dog’s environment so he can be right!

  2. .I will feed my dog only wholesome healthful food, in moderation.  Overweight dogs have a lower quality-of-life and are prone to many painful, expensive health problems. 
  3. I will take my puppy to a Puppy Preschool class and to a Manners class. 
  4. I will meet my dog’s exercise and mental needs. Long, leash walks (1 to 3 miles) are not adequate for most dogs  Dogs that don’t have their exercise needs met are prone to destructive behavior. Examples of ways to met exercise requirements: off leash running in a large secured area, food puzzles, tug of war, swimming, Doggie Daycare, nose work, trick training, play with a neighbor dog, search games for their dinner.
  5. I will properly socialize my dogs to other dogs, people and environmental situations. Socialization is most important for young puppies (2-3 months of age) but should continue throughout the dog’s life. I understand that on leash greetings are inappropriate.
  6. I will learn to “speak dog” and respect my dogs communication with me and others.
  7. I will initiate and play lots of games with my dog, and I’ll enjoy it as much as he does.
  8. I will focus on training and rewarding desirable behaviors.  I won’t resort to physical punishment and focusing on what the dog does wrong. Correcting dogs increases their fear and anxiety and hence increases their risk for developing aggression problems.
  9. Because dogs are highly social animals, I will integrate the dog into the family. I will not leave my dog outdoors.

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Located in Sumner, Washington, It's a Dog's World is part of Sumner Veterinary Hospital's three-acre dynamic complex. This 18,000 square foot training center teaches dog owners the most current, science-based dog training techniques and offers classes that include Pet Dog Classes, Obedience Classes, K9 Nose Work® Classes, Agility Classes, and Fun & Fit Classes.

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