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It's A Dog's World Training

How prepare for class

  • Make sure your dog is hungry when class starts as it provides motivation to work! Feed him lightly earlier in the day and/or withhold meals he would normally eat just prior to training.
  • Bring 4-5 different kinds of easy-to-eat, high-value food rewards in small pieces, about the size of a pencil eraser. Examples
  • Use a wide-mouth treat pouch, fanny pack, or garment with large, easy-access pockets so that you can have your dog’s food rewards at the ready, hands-free. Using plastic baggies to keep treats in does not work well for training class.
  • Bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records with you to each class. (especially important for puppies that have not completed their series)
  • Bring a dog toy (one that’s quiet and doesn’t bounce or roll) to use as a reward in addition to food, e.g. fleecy tug toy. Tip for parents bringing kids and teens to class: bring an activity for your child to enjoy quietly, as class may not hold your child’s attention. Minors will need to be under direct supervision by a responsible adult.
  • Please wait to enter the building 5 minutes before you class start time.  Come in First without your dog.
  • Dress your dog in a  comfortable harness and/or buckle/martingale collar.  ( you will most likely want both a harness and a collar) examples Have a 6-8 foot snap clip lead  a long line of 15-20 feet and a mat (a flat dog bed, crate mat, bath mat, or small area rug works well). Unless instructed otherwise, keep your dog on leash throughout the duration of the class. Dogs must be supervised and under your control at all times; please note that interactions between dogs are not permitted at any time inside the facility unless instructed otherwise. NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES.
  • Have a device or pen and paper for taking notes.
  • Allow your dog a potty break just before class; upon arrival, give your dog “one more chance” and be sure to properly dispose of pet waste (bring pickup bags, just in case).
  • Give your dog moderate exercise before class so that he has enough energy left for training but not so much that he can’t settle down to work with you.
  • Bring a chew toy or other (quiet) activity your dog can occupy himself with during down times, such as a stuffed KONG, LickiMat, SnuffleMat, bully stick, or raw knuckle bone.
  • Wear closed-toe, athletic-type footwear and comfortable clothing. During cool weather, plan to dress in layers.
  • Bring a clicker, if you have one.  Before your first class, please check out the following:
    Clicker training basics
    Dog body language
    What to expect in dog training class (create a free account to view)
    What is polite in a dog training class? (create a free account to view)
    Shhh: 15 ways to keep your dog quiet in class (create a free account to view)

Dog Training
Sumner, Washington

Located in Sumner, Washington, It's a Dog's World is part of Sumner Veterinary Hospital's three-acre dynamic complex. This 18,000 square foot training center teaches dog owners the most current, science-based dog training techniques and offers classes that include Pet Dog Classes, Obedience Classes, K9 Nose Work® Classes, Agility Classes, and Fun & Fit Classes.

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