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Manners Foundation Objectives


Manners Foundation Learning Objectives

(prerequisites for Manners Next Level and Agility Foundation)

    • Good recall from 20 feet
    • Dog is able to move to the heel position with or without the handler using a lure
    • Dog should be able to follow a food lure for 20 steps past or away from distraction
    • Sit using one cue only (verbal or hand signal) in heel position and in front of the handler (without a lure or physically manipulating the dog)
    • Fold-back down, one cue only (verbal or hand signal) without a lure or physically manipulating the dog)
    • Sit- and down-stay, 15 seconds (no luring or delivering food rewards during this time)
    • Handler understands basic shaping, Fading lures and CLEAN clicker/marker mechanics
    • Offered attention: dog maintains a loose leash around reasonable distractions and “checks in” with the handler (who is stationary) without needing to be prompted
    • Hand target (“touch”)
    • Go to a station (mat, crate, etc.) from 6 feet away and offer a default sit- or down-stay for 15 seconds
    • Handler recognizes stress signals in dogs
    • Polite greetings (dog maintains four on the floor when approached by a person)
    • Dog can walk on a 6’ loose lead for 20 steps without a lure or physically manipulating the dog
  • Can perform these behaviors with dogs and people as close as 8 feet.

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