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Karen Beattie Massey, BA (Honors) Psychology

Karen Beattie Massey, BA (Honors) Psychology, Manners, Fun and Focus, and Agility Instructor



Akinnaz Knixa CM

As a young child Karen first learned about positive dog training from her Grandfather, who taught his Jack Russells many tricks. As a teenager she rekindled her interest in dogs when she helped raise the family’s Weimaraners. Her first dogs as an adult were Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Lucy and Maya, who started Karen and her husband Jim on the path of dog agility training, which they continued with their younger Cavaliers, Aussie, and Pumis. Karen has honed her skills has a trainer, handler, and competitor over the years through training and mentorship from some of the top international agility instructors and dog trainers. Now Karen and her family are competing in agility at the highest levels as well as obedience, conformation, and breeding under the name MayaLu.

Karen’s first career was as a board certified psychologist in Australia helping people learn new ways to work effectively within their organizations. She developed training programs, ran workshops, and created training videos. After moving to the U.S. she started working in the software industry creating instructional materials. Taking her knowledge of how people learn and think about solving problems, she later applied this to designing the software itself. For over a decade she worked as a program manager leading teams to create new products. It was only natural that this fascination with learning and working with people would spill over into her life with dogs. She started teaching foundation agility classes and seminars in 2006. After retiring from software in 2012, she started MayaLu Training, focusing on agility instruction and dog behavior training.


MACH 7 Maya at the AKC Agility Invitational

Karen’s first Cavalier Maya was anxious and hid under the table at playtime at puppy preschool. Karen decided to find a different activity where she and Maya could focus on learning fun new behaviors together and found agility. This helped transform her fearful puppy into a speedy and confident partner. Maya became the top agility Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the U.S. in 2005 and 2006, culminating in a third overall placement in the AKC Invitational 12” class in 2007 and a trip to the finals. Maya was featured several times in local and regional press and television and over her short lifetime achieved 7 Master Agility Champion (MACH) titles as well as obedience and rally titles. Karen’s next agility dog Beth, also a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, earned her first MACH was ranked in the top five for her breed in 2007. Zoe, her Australian Shepherd, achieved success at the regional level in USDAA. Karen went on to compete with Minnie, daughter of Beth and the first MACH dog bred in the MayaLu kennel; and with Teddy, Minnie’s son who recently became the third generation MACH Cavalier for MayaLu.


MACH MayaLu’s Tadesse (Teddy)

Karen is best known for her work with Pumis – a rare herding breed from Hungary. Her first Pumi Bella has been on the U.S. team for multiple Agility World Championships – FCI 2014 (reserve), WAO 2016, IFCS 2016, 2017 and represented the U.S. at the European Open 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and the Americas and Caribbean Championships 2012, 2015. Bella was also a finalist in the AKC National Agility Championships (2014) and a silver medalist in the USDAA Masters Challenge Biathlon at Cynosports 2015. In addition Bella has a number of obedience and rally titles.


MACH 2 Abiqua Cicelle (Bella) competing in the European Open 2013 in Belgium

Amongst Bella’s offspring from MayaLu A and B litter there are multiple dogs now competing at the Masters level in agility. Karen is also competing in obedience and agility with her next generation of Pumis – Knixa (mother of C & E litters), Ben (father of B litter), and Aria (mother of D litter) – with Aria already earning placements at the UKI US Open agility competition in 2015. Karen is a American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit and an active member of the Hungarian Pumi Club of America.


MayaLu’s Artemis (Aria) at 2017 IFCS Tryouts


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