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Reactive Rover

In our urban and suburban world, it’s common for dogs to encounter each other while being walked on leash. These encounters sometimes cause one or both dogs to become fearful, overly excited and/or frustrated, resulting in the dog becoming “reactive.” In this class, you will learn how to handle your reactive dog on walks when you encounter another leashed dog. Your dog will also learn appropriate social skills to help facilitate better canine communication, resulting in fewer negative experiences. The class is very structured and the goal is for all dogs to experience calm, safe and positive exposure to other dogs at a safe distance. Neutral “actor dogs” are used for controlled practice and visual barriers between dogs are used when necessary. As the class progresses, students can expect their dogs to become less reactive and better able to walk past other dogs on walks. Please note: off leash behavior with other dogs and household dog dynamics are not addressed in this class. 

When considering whether or not to enroll in our Reactive Rover 101  class, it is helpful to consider the following criteria. 

The intro level 101 class is the best fit for dogs that: 

  • React by staring, barking, pulling and/or lunging toward other dogs when on a leash.
  • May be comfortable living with other dogs or interacting when leashes are off.
  • Are comfortable with most people and objects in the environment. (Dogs that react to multiple “triggers” often have trouble in the classroom setting.)
  • Are not necessarily aggressive, but may be fearful and/or overly excited and frustrated when they see another dog.
  • Are able to focus on the handler and eat a tasty treat (or play with a favorite toy) if the other dog is five to 35 feet away.
  • Are comfortable wearing a front-attachment harness (or in some cases, a Gentle Leader head halter).
  • Live in an environment where they can be kept at a distance from other dogs during training.

Please note: 

  • If your dog demonstrates reactive behavior to multiple triggers (dogs, people, bicycles, etc.), we recommend that you pursue one-on-one training with a qualified trainer.
  • If your dog is having a difficult time with a specific dog (or dogs) in the home environment, we recommend that you pursue one-on-one training with a qualified trainer.
  • If your dog is truly aggressive toward other dogs and/or people (snarling, snapping, biting), we recommend an evaluation with a qualified animal behaviorist.
  • If your dog is primarily distracted by small animals (cats, squirrels, rabbits, etc.), our Control Unleashed 101 class may be a better fit.

7 weeks, Limited to 4 dogs, $280

If you have questions or need a referral for individual training, please contact the instructor directly:

Please do NOT bring your dog to the first class. It is a human-only required orientation.

Students who miss orientation will not be able to continue in the class and no refund will be issued.

Reactive Rover requires 100% attendance for all students; there are no makeups for any missed classes.

Classes are non-refundable 1 week before class begins. Credit can be transferred to another class or private lessons. Classes are non-transferable 3 business days before class starts.

We want a healthy and productive learning environment for all. If your instructor feels for any reason that class is not a good fit for you or your dog, Class payment will be transferred to use towards private lessons or a more suitable class. 

classes must be paid to reserve your spot.

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