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It's A Dog's World Training

Agility & Foundation Classes

Agility Foundation


In this class we teach all the foundation behaviors your dog needs to be safe and successful in agility, whether you are just having some fun or you are on the competition track. We will cover body awareness, core strength, obstacle and handler focus, shadow handling, and beginning obstacle training (table, tunnel, wrapping, sends, tippy board) and more! Dogs and handlers will stay in this class until they attain all the foundation skills needed for beginner agility.

6 week sessions $180


What to bring to class

  • A hungry dog
  • Plenty of small treats. A variety is a good idea. Soft and smelly is best
  • A treat pouch/bait bag
  • A couple of toys your dog likes
  • A 6 foot nylon or leather lead
  • A regular flat collar, martingale collar, or harness ( No choke chains or pinch collars)
  • A chewie or two (stuffed Kong, raw bone or bullystick, ETC)
  • A mat for your dog to lay on ( a bath mat works great)
  • Shoes and attire appropriate for running and moving around
  • A pen and paper to take notes

Group classes are NOT appropriate for dogs that are fearful,  bark at other dogs or  are overexcited by them. 

Classes are non-refundable 1 week before class begins. Credit can be transferred to another class or private lessons. Classes are non-transferable 3 business days before class starts.

We want a healthy and productive learning environment for all. If your instructor feels for any reason that class is not a good fit for you or your dog, Class payment will be transferred to use towards private lessons or a more suitable class. 

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Agility Classes 

You MUST have instructor approval to sign up or switch agility classes.  Classes that show as full are not necessarily full please contact the office or instructor to find out. 

$180 for 6 week session

4 or less dogs class is an hour

5 or more dogs class is an hour and a half

 View schedule and Register here 

This is not a complete class schedule, once a class starts it is removed. For a complete list of current classes please contact the office.


Please note: When renting the Agility Arena, please put everything back where it belongs including the tunnels that get shifted out of place and 2 x 2 weave pole sets that might be used in your training.  Students and instructors count on the numbered courses to be accurate. Thank you! 


IADW course map for the week of 07/15 2019


IADW CM for thw week of 07152019 – Agility 3 Large Slovenia – Toshiyuki Oba:Bonnik Berthelsen




“All my best runs happen when I’m expecting absolutely nothing, and just go and run for the fun of it.”

“I just love challenges and my favorite courses to run in trials, are the ones where I’m not quite sure if I can do it – and because of this attitude, I usually do those best!”

Silvia Trkman





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