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Karen DiCostanzo CCPDT-KA

Karen DiCostanzo Manners and Preschool instructor. Behavior modification. 
A lifelong animal lover, Karen believes strongly in the power of the human-animal bond when two-way communication and real understanding exists. She discovered this firsthand in 2001, when she rescued her very first dog. His separation distress prompted her to begin learning all she could about dog training and behavior in order to help her furry friend.
She rescued a second dog in 2009 who prompted her to learn a lot more about canine behavior! Her large, active boy nearly drove her crazy with nuisance barking, lunging and pulling on leash, jumping all over people, chasing cats, and more, so she definitely feels her clients’ pain!
Working through these behavioral challenges was the starting point for her eventually becoming a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. Today, she shares her insights with those who want to deepen their shared bonds of love, trust, and understanding with their pets while working toward their dog training and behavior modification goals. Her modern, holistic approach has helped hundreds of people dramatically improve the lives they share with their companion dogs! 
Karen currently shares her home with a Golden Retriever, a Boxer, and three cats. They are excellent instructors in teaching her more about animal communication signals, manners, cooperative care, and more.
Professional Certification
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed
  • Masters of Business Administration, 2003
  • B.A. Management and Human Relations, 2000
Continuing Education
  • Understanding Canine Behavior, E-Training for Dogs, 2016
  • Coaching People to Train Their Dogs, Terry Ryan, 2016
  • First Impressions: Successful “Introductions” for Cats and Dogs, Pet Professional Guild, 2016
  • Building Resilience in Dogs, ASPCA, 2016 
  • Canine Behavior and Acoustics, ASPCA, 2016
  • Dog agility workshops with Elicia Calhoun, Andrea Dexter, Susan Garrett, and Nancy Gyes, Hawaiian Agility Handlers Association, 2013-2016
  • Tellington TTouch for You and Your Dog, Tellington TTouch Training, 2014
  • Service Dog Training Workshop, Dogs for Cures, 2014
  • Poultry in Motion Clicker Training Workshop, Terry Ryan, 2013
  • Annual Conference, Association of Professional Dog Trainers, 2013

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