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Ann Waterbury, BS, UW-AAB, CPDT-KA, CDBT, CNWI




Education: Her educational background besides a BS degree from East Carolina University along with: successfully completing the University of Washington’s certification in Applied Animal Behavior in 2017. She also earned her Certified Professional Dog Training designation through the CPDT and Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) for Advanced Canine Behavioral Sciences; Living and Learning with Animals-The Fundamental Principles and Procedures for Teaching and Learning (foundation for my philosophy in behavior analysis) taught by her mentor, Susan G Friedman, Ph.D.  Professor emeritus, Utah State University; course work with the University of North Texas graduate school of behavior analysis and Contemporary Animal Training intensive at Natural Encounters in Winter Haven, Florida also facilitated by Susan Friedman, Ph.D. Recently Ann was accepted into Susan Friedman’s Teaching assistant program, to further learn and grow with her mentor!


NACSW™/K9 Nose Work®: Ann Earned her Certified Nose Work Instructor™ (CNWI) status in K9 Nose Work® in 2012. In K9 Nose Work® classes dogs get to fine tune their scenting skills while burning mental and physical energy. This work has been incorporated into her approach with reactive and anxious dogs to help address the root cause of presenting issues. She currently serves as a certifying official for NACSW™ (National Association of Canine Scent Work) sponsored events. Ann joined the NACSW education team in 2016, as the Education Coordinator. She is involved with certifying instructors, through hands on teaching the eight-day course. Along with being on the team that is enhancing the curriculum presented during the course. She also is the lead within the continuing education system, approving events for consideration and designating ceu values for seminars and workshops. Along with her duties on the education side Ann is NACSW faculty member teaching at regional K9 Nose Work camps and teaches workshops for other organizations coaching teams at all levels of the sport with their handling skills, foundation work, and skill building techniques.

In 2017, Ann sold her successful dog training and behavior business/facility in Florida to relocate to the Puget Sound area of Washington. She adores mountains, cool temperatures and an active outdoor lifestyle with her dogs. She has since joined the team at It’s a Dogs World to teach K9 Nose Work classes! Ann Has 2 red border collies, O’Riley is 13 and very active. He loves the activity of K9 Nose Work. Chai is a puppy and trains in Nose Work frequently. Both dogs are from shelter or rescue and have benefitted greatly from their training and K9 Nose Work.








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Located in Sumner, Washington, It's a Dog's World is part of Sumner Veterinary Hospital's three-acre dynamic complex. This 18,000 square foot training center teaches dog owners the most current, science-based dog training techniques and offers classes that include Pet Dog Classes, Obedience Classes, K9 Nose Work® Classes, Agility Classes, and Fun & Fit Classes.

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