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Workshops and Seminars

We have a lot of great talent in the works for our Workshops and Seminars!

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Payment is:

100% Refundable up to 30 days before the event
50% refundable up to 14 days before the event
NO Refunds 13 days or closer to the event

Shape up!

Canine Fitness and Conditioning workshop

February 3rd and 4th 2018

9:30am to 5 pm


Lori Stevens CPDT-KA, SAMP, CCFT


2 day seminar will cover

  • physiological signs and issues to look for, increase your observation skills around proper alignment
  • regaining strength after you have gone through rehabilitation
  • proper alignment for exercises and benefits
  • proper use of equipment and how to progress on the equipment
  • how to progress from the foundation exercises
  • fitness sessions: warm-ups, exercises, cool-downs
  • from on-the-ground exercises to fitness equipment
  • foundation exercises for core strength and stabilization muscles
  • how to train for performance sports
  • hind-end targeting
  • how to make fitness fun, without fear or coercion

Physical and psychological benefits:

  • improves performance and endurance
  • better body control and body awareness
  • strengthens muscles and joints
  • improves flexibility, balance, and proprioception
  • improves your dog’s confidence and focus
  • slows aging
  • supports weight management
  • prevents injuries
  • strengthens the bond with your dog
  • improves positive reinforcement training skills

Working spots: $300 (2 days, limited to 10)

Auditing: $150 (2 days)

                $100 (Saturday only)

Recall and Loose leash Walking workshop

Saturday August 5th 12pm to 3pm

with Karen DiConstanzo

Does your dog have selective hearing? Does she pull you all over
creation and come only if she feels like it? Does your dog find an odor
on the ground (or squirrel in your yard) more interesting than you? If
you answered yes, this workshop is for YOU!

Learn how to teach your dog skills like:
-better focus and self-control
-greater responsiveness to your cues
-turning back towards you when he feels pressure on the lead
-come a-runnin’ when you give the signal

You’ll learn useful skills, too!
• how to get your dog to perform desired behaviors because she
wants to
• how to increase your understanding of your dog’s communication
signals, and vice versa
• how to get “in sync” with your dog and strengthen your shared
bond of love and trust

$65 to come with a dog ( limited to 8)

$15 to come and watch without a dog


It’s a Dog’s World

Is excited to announce another Seminar


Fenzi Academy Instructor

Shade Whitesel

Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th  2017

9AM- 6PM

Essential Foundation for All Dog Sports.



  • Proper toy play
  • Switching reinforcement
  • Impulse control
  • Building Relationship
  • Use of location dependent markers
  • Problem solving (all going back to holes in foundation)
  • Change the way you interact and communicate with your dog
  • Getting reliable behaviors from high drive dogs (in high arousal sports or environments) without the use of corrections


Working slot: $300 for both days


Audit:: $65 per day or $100 for both


Check, credit card or cash (exact change) accepted.


Contact:  Mercedes 253-863-8387 cell: 253-330-6171


Full refund if notified by 06/18. 50% refund if notified by 07/1. No refund after 07/15

The Gift of the Gray Muzzle

Active care for Senior Dogs

A work shop with

Kathy Sdao M.A & Lori Stevens CPDT-KA, SAMP, CCFT

It’s a Dog’s world

Sumner, WA

June 3rd and 4th 2017 9:30am-4pm


Topics include:

  • Effects of aging and what you can expect
  • Various healthcare options that complement mainstream veterinary care
  • TTouch bodywork and wrapping techniques, including leg and body wraps
  • Strategies for minimizing age-related anxiety and maximizing emotional resilience
  • Methods for modifying cues to accommodate sensory limitations
  • Movement and conditioning exercises that benefit seniors
  • Games to keep mind and body active
  • Help for senior dogs who have difficulty standing up or climbing stairs
  • Tips for dealing with loss of appetite
  • Considerations regarding end-of-life decisions


Working spots: $250 (Both days)

Audit spots: $100 (Both days)


Register here


More about Kathy:

More about Lori:

Perfect Patients:

Cooperative Veterinary Care

With Sarah Stremming
It’s a Dog’s World

Sumner, WA

April 29th and 30th 2017


Help your dog learn the husbandry behaviors necessary to allow veterinary procedures with ease, and learn what you can do to help him feel better about the whole ordeal! This workshop centers on two areas: training necessary skills and teaching dogs a language of consent so that they can choose to agree to procedures.

Working Spots: $300 (Must do both days)

Audit Spots: $150 for both days

                    $100 for just Saturday


Register here

Contact Mercedes: 253-863-8387


Questions about content? Contact Sarah



The Seminar for Sport Dogs that are over-aroused, over-adrenalized, and over the top!

February 18th and 19th 2017

with Sarah Stremming

It’s a Dog’s World welcomes competitor, trainer and behavior consultant Sarah Stremming for an innovative seminar and hands-on workshop!In this workshop learn what optimal arousal looks like, what causes over-arousal, and what you can do to keep your easily over-stimulated competition dog in his best state of mind. Workers and auditors will learn the immediately applicable skills, and workers will get to work with Sarah one-on one to cater these skills to their specific dogs.

Working: $280 (must do BOTH days)

Audit: 2 days: $160

Audit Saturday only: $100


Questions about content? Contact Sarah at

More about Sarah:

Competition Heeling Seminar

With Shade Whitesel

January 14th and 15th 2017


It’s a Dog’s World

Sumner, WA


This seminar will address how to teach all the pieces of flashy, competition, heeling, put them all together and includes a problem solving section on Sunday afternoon for teams that need it. Good heeling is good heeling, whether it is for AKC or IPO, the position is the same and happy confident dogs are the dogs winning the points. Join Shade as she teaches how to clicker shape every aspect of heeling to create the pushy thinking behavior that her dogs are known for.

Dogs and students that would do best in this seminar are ones that are already familiar with Shade’s methods via physical lessons or on line through the Fenzi academy. Operant dogs that don’t have Shade’s foundation would also be appropriate. A love of food or toy (with Shade’s toy skills) and the ability to work and not be stressed or frustrated in a seminar environment are also needed. Dogs that would not do well are ones that are nervous in the seminar environment, or do not have a solid foundation. Handlers would do best to register as observers in these situations so they can participate in the next seminar!


Working spot (limited to 10): $150 per day

Audit spot (unlimited): $80 per day





Heeling behaviors:


Head Position

Rear End Awareness

Focal Point



Placement of Reward

Backing Up

Lateral Movements


Problem Solving






Register here


AKC Open OB Video

IPO BH with her young dog

Dutch Shepherd Nationals 2012

Some Nice work from her young dog

K9 Nose work Seminar with Christina Bunn Oct 1st and 2nd!

NACSW  Judge and instructor, Christina Bunn brings her 17 years of professional detection K9 training with her into the wonderful sport of K9 Nosework. Her expertise is helping handlers recognize the potential in their own dog by building relationship.


The Heart of Teamwork

Utilizing a nonspeaking being to find something you cannot see is what Nosework is all about. It requires teamwork to bring two species, dog and human, together working towards the same goal: finding the odor source.. This seminar will focus on just that teamwork and what that means for you and your own dog.

October 1, 2016 9:00-5:00

K9 Nosework Levels 1 and 2– Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

What is odor obedience? What does “Trust Your Dog” really mean?

October 2, 2016 9:00-5:00bunn

K9 Nosework Levels 3 and Elitebunn2

Time Management in the Search Area-High Hides– When to Hold ‘em and When to Fold’em


Working spots: $150 per day

Audit spots: $80 per day

Location: It’s a Dog’s World  16024 60th St. E  Sumner, WA

253-863-8387 or




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