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House-training (i.e. “house-breaking”) can be accomplished quickly by managing your pup’s environment and schedule.  Most dogs instinctively eliminate away from their “den”.  If you confine your pup when he is in the house, he’ll learn to “hold it” until he gets outside.  Confinement can be done using a crate or by keeping your dog on a leash indoors.

1.       Use a crate or ex-pen to confine the puppy indoors. The only exception: pup has just eliminated outside and is 100% supervised1.       Allow the puppy freedom to roam indoors. This gives him no motivation to 'hold it' and sets him up to make mistakes.
2.       Take the puppy outdoors on a leash to eliminate2.       Put the puppy outside by himself to eliminate. You won't know if he went potty and won't be able to reward him if he does.
3.       Take him outdoors every 1-2 hours during the first month. Then gradually extend the interval to 4 hours. If a family member isn't available to do this, recruit a neighbor or hire a dog-walker.3.       Make the puppy wait an extended period of time between potty breaks outdoors. This will force him to 'have an accident' and eliminate in his resting area.
4.       Praise him when he starts to eliminate and give him a special food treat immediately after he finishes4.       Give him a treat when he comes back indoors. Then you're rewarding 'coming in' rather than 'eliminating outside'.
5.       If the puppy doesn't eliminate within five minutes of being taken outdoors, put him back in the crate or re-tether him.5.       If the puppy doesn't eliminate, turn him loose indoors. Again, this just gives him an opportunity to potty on the carpet.
6.       Rush the puppy outdoors immediately in the early morning. Carry the puppy or run with him on a leash to ensure he makes it outside before eliminating.6.       In the morning, do other things before taking the puppy out. His anticipation may result in his eliminating in his crate. A slow trip outside may also result in an accident.
7.       Feed the puppy scheduled meals. Dogs tend to eliminate shortly after eating7.       Have food available all day. Free-feeding makes bowel movements unpredictable
8.       Take the puppy to the same distraction-free area to eliminate. Give him a cue (e.g., 'hurry up'). When he's learned this routine, introduce other surfaces (gravel, dirt).8.       Take the puppy to a variety of distraction-filled (e.g., near other dogs, cats, children, or noise) areas to eliminate.
9.       Always take the puppy outdoors to eliminate no matter how young the puppy is or how wet it is outdoors.9.       Train puppies to use both indoor (newspaper or pee pads) and outdoor 'toilets'. Puppies get confused when they sometimes are encouraged to eliminate indoors but other times are punished for it.
10.   Reprimand yourself if your puppy has an accident indoors. Either you haven't taken the puppy outdoors frequently enough or you haven't adequately confined him indoors.10.   Punish accidents in any way (rubbing the pup's nose in it, scolding, smacking with a newspaper) even if you catch the pup 'in the act'! Punishments can lead to:

· Fear of the owner/submissive urination
· Refusal to eliminate near a human
· Anxiety about eliminating
· Poop-eating (so the owner won't find it)


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