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It's A Dog's World Training

Preschool ( puppies 8 to 16 weeks)


For puppies 8-16 weeks old: Preschool is everything puppy! 

Beginning 10/15 all students MUST take “Dog Training 101” before starting their first Preschool class. Register below. 

During the brief period of 3 to 16 weeks of age an average puppy will learn more than in the remainder of its life. They form lasting emotional and cognitive perspectives of their environment.  Preschool is a combination of socialization, manners, puppy problem solving and preventing behavior problems. The focus is on coming when called, greeting manners and relationship building. Your pup will also learn appropriate play styles and interact with novel objects! Please bring proof of age appropriate Distemper-Parvo vaccine and that a fecal check has been performed. Puppies can start as early as 8 weeks and as late as 16 weeks. (sooner the better!)  4 weeks $110. This is a revolving class   Join any week just choose your start date at check out. Tuesdays at 6:30 or Sundays at 1.  


Bring to class:

  • A hungry dog
  • Plenty of treats. We recommend 3 different values (EX: soft training treats, boiled chicken breast, and cheese)
  • A couple of toys your dog likes
  • A 6 foot nylon or leather lead
  • A regular flat collar, martingale collar, or harness ( No choke chains or pinch collars)
  • A chew treat ( stuffed kong, bullystick ETC) for down time
  • A mat ( a bath mat will work)
  • A pen and paper to take notes 

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