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Canine Fitness

Canine Fitness Class

Looking for ways to keep your canine companion fit and healthy?  Need safe exercise options for older dogs, puppies, or dogs recovering from injury? This class will have weekly circuit type training rounds with dogs rotating through fitness stations designed to work, stretch, and strengthen specific muscle groups.  Dogs must be able to work with other dogs in the room but will work individually at each station.  Examples of stations:

Crazy Cavalettis – elevated poles spaced to encourage your dog to focus on location and placement of all four limbs working minor and major muscles of the appendages and back.

Walk on air – passage over lightly inflated discs to work on balance and minor muscle groups of proprioception.

Puppy push-ups – simple rotations through sit – stand – down provides a mental and physical workout

Paw pick-up – slow, focused work over an elevated pole encouraging stepwork on the straight in and in a turn.

Limbo – work on moving under a pole to help with muscle groups supporting elbows and knees.

Obstacle course – stepping onto and into a series of sturdy cartons to build focus and body awareness.

Safe stretching – guidance in stretching your dog laterally and longitudinally.

Beep beep – developing backing skills and body awareness onto elevated surfaces.

limited to 7 students, 6 weeks, $180

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Classes are non-refundable 1 week before class begins. Credit can be transferred to another class or private lessons. Classes are non-transferable 3 business days before class starts. 

We want a healthy and productive learning environment for all. If you or your instructor feels for any reason that class is not a good fit for your dog, Class payment will be transferred to use towards private lessons. 


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